Our Inspiration

Women of today are our muses: from lovers, to bosses, friends and mothers. We believe in the power of simplicity and quality, creating pieces as versatile as the women who wear them.
With these standards in mind, we provide premium denim staple pieces that seamlessly integrate into your life, becoming your second skin and go-to wardrobe essentials. 

Our Philosophy

Born in Paris, Enid blends the French relaxed sophistication with Japanese inspired designs and details, resulting in timeless, clean and high quality styles. OVER&ALL's pieces are crafted to mold around you, not the other way around, offering both elegance and durability.

Our Promise

We are driven by a design and solution-centered philosophy. Our collection features inclusive designs that adapt to your lifestyle, offering breathable and adaptable denim that moves with you. We like our fashion simple, clean, high quality and straightforward: making it effortlessly stylish and functional.

For the city dwellers, the mothers of many, the task jugglers, straight talkers and life enthusiasts: we're here to make fashion simple again. 

"Style is not about quantity or novelty, it's about having the pieces that work."