Organic Cotton Denim

We're devoted to denim: it is made from organic cotton and chosen for its quality, comfort and softness. Lending to the long legacy of denim workwear as the durable textile, to the 90s denim sexiness, to the pair of jeans that feel like your best friend. Our denim essentials are here to support you to be the truest expression of yourself.

Inclusive Design 

Fashion designed to mold around you and your life, not the other way around. The pieces are put through thorough testing and thought-through for every occasion - from work, to diners, fun and tasks. Our capsule collections have inclusive sizing, as well as a range of designs that suit all beautiful bodies. The textiles we chose are soft, stretchy and durable to move with you during the day. Design is at the heart of OVER&ALL, prioritizing quality, comfort and love for details.

Quality Essentials

We love simplicity. Simplicity in design, that embraces your style effortlessly. Simple choices and pieces that you can come too again and again. We believe you shouldn't have to work hard to feel sexy, fun and yourself. We do that for you.

OVER&ALL: "Pioneers of the denim rebellion"

Our company mission is clear: to make women's lives easier, without compromising. We believe in 'less is more', bringing simplicity and quality to the forefront of premium denim essentials to support women in all the different roles we play. From bosses to lovers, muses and artists, leaders and mothers: Your OVER&ALL piece is your go-to staple that you always come back to. Your second skin that makes you look sharp without compromising on comfort.
We are claiming back denim for the women of today.